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Surface Pumps

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Nocchi Jet Pump

Used for pumping and distribuition of water in domestic systems used on a continuous or intermittent basis.
Booster units.
Washing, garden irrigation, fountains.

Multi-Stage Pumps

Highly reliiable and technologically advanced vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump,capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users,including water distribution,Irrigation,pressure boosting,industrial washing equipment etc.Pump Body, Inpeller,diffuser and seal housing constructed of Stainless Steel Many different construction designs are available with models featuring 2-4-8-16-60m3/h nominal capacties.

Swimming Pool Pumps

Used for high volume applications such as swimming pools, ponds and water features.

Pond Pumps

Not as powerfull as Swimming Pool Pumps, used for smaller applications.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Used for cellar drainage, septic tank / cess pit emptying, garden sprinkler systems / irrigation..
General purpose pump for diesel, water based inks, vegetable oils, plating solution and other non-aggressive chemicals.

Online Catalogue |  Surface Pumps

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