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Energy Saving Control Systems

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e-SM Variable Speed Drive.

The new range of variable speed electric pumps and pressure booster units for constant presure applications utilizing an integral frequency converter in the pump.

Constant pressure at your outlet. No more temperature variations when using water at home (the mixture of hot and cold water does not change even if other taps are opened).

Reliability. Constant flow of water - if one of the two pumps in a Tecknospeed unit fails, the other pump can work on its own.

Maximum performance even in critical operating conditions. The PFC (Power Factor Controller) circuit maintains the required pressure even in the event of mains voltage fluctuations (sinusoidal input).

Pump protection. The system is fitted for use with a float switch to protect the pump from running dry.

Silent running. Sleep well with Teknospeed pumps - the motors work at variable speed and consequently have a reduced nois level.

Energy saving. The pump pays for itself in a very short time. With the new frequency converter, the pumps only consume the power that is strictly necessary.

Extended pump life-time. Minimum maintenance - the variable speed motor reduces mechanical stress on the pump and water hammering during stopping.

Quick and easy installation. Connect and go! Easy to install and use, the Teknospeed pumps and supplied with a cable, plug and pressure triansmitter; they can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer while the pressure is read directly on the pressure gauge.

Delivery: up to 10m3/hr
Head: up to 75 meters
Power supply: single -phase 50 and 60Hz
Power: 0.37kW to 1.1 kW
Motor starting: variable frequency operation
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar (BG, CA, CEA and HM series), 16 bar (SV series)
Temperature of pumped liquid: 0'C to +40'C
Number of pumps: 1
Pump type: horizontal and vertical
Stainless steel

New Generation HVL Hydrovar

The new Hydrovar is the solution for high level installations requiring failsafe systems with a superior range of features. Its unique modular design needs no additional master control and enables virtually any configuration of pumps : up to 8 master drives.Modularity also offers a cost-effective solution for low-level , reduced feature demands.
Advantage: The new Hydrovar concept allows more flexibility and cost savings. Just pay for what you really need.
Versions available :Master, Multicontroller.
Easy to integrate into BMS Systems Modbus communication is included as standard. Improved software structure and programming even in difficult installations.
Retrofitting is possible on all existing standard asynchronous motors ,which are suitable for VFD operation.Constant system pressure in water supply and booster stations. Control along system curve for circulation pumps for the HVAC markets. Longer maintenance intervals because of less stress to pumps and motors.

Wall Mounted Hydrovar

Easy to use. Overheating protection. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection. Overload Protection. Variation in pump acceleration and deceleration ramps. All functions indicated on LCD in seven different languages.



Hydrovar is the world's first pump mounted , microprocessor based pumping system controller. The Hydrovar does much more than just change motor speed. It truly manages your pump performance to match a wide range of system conditions, allowing energy savings of up to 70% in some applications. It can be fitted to any standard IEC motor from 0.55kW to 45kW.

What does the Hydrovar do?

The basic function of the Hydrovar is to control the pump to meet your system demands in one of three ways.

1)Control for constant pressure. The desired discharge pressure is set (in bar) by the operator. The Hydrovar varies pump speed as demand increases or decreases to keep the pressure constant

2)Control to match a system curve. The operator can increase the discharge pressure of the system to compensate for the added friction losses in the system. The Operator enters the percentage increase in discharge pressure required at the maximum speed and flow. In addition, the operator selects at which increased pressure this will start.

3)Control for constant flow. The operator sets a required flow in either circulator or process applications. As demand changes, the hydrovar increases pressure to maintain flow.

How does it do this?

1) Measures the system pressure of flow via a transducer mounted on the pump discharge.

2) Calculates the motor speed to maintain the correct flow or pressure.

3) Sends out a signal to the pump motor to start, increase speed, decrease speed and stop

4) In multiple pump installations the hydovar will vary the order of the lead pump and turn on the lag pumps automatically of duty/assist sets.

In addition the Hydrovar will ...

  • Shut off the pump(s) at zero demand.
  • Shut off the pump(s) at zero suction.
  • Shut off a single pump when exceeding maximum flow or automatically turn on the next pump in a multiple series.
  • Protect the pump and motor from over voltage, under voltage, overload and overhead.
  • Vary the time of pump speed acceleration and deceleration.
  • Automatic compensation of higher friction losses at high flow rates.
  • Send out a signal for remote monitoring of pressure and frequency.
  • Conduct an automatic test run of the pump at set times.
  • Display all functions in an LCD window in either English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or Dutch.
  • Can communicate with another Hydrovar or computer via an RS 485 interface.

Approved on the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

Under the proposals, 100% first year capital allowances will be available on investments by businesses in these products. The Hydrovar can save energy of up to 70% in some applications.

Typical energy savings

In-line circulator pump
Capacity m³/h
Power consumed in kW
Saving in kW
Saving in kW @ each capacity for 8 hours per day
Pump at fixed speed
Pump & Hydrovar following system curve

Vertical Multistage pump
Capacity m³/h
Power consumed in kW
Saving in kW
Saving in kW @ each capacity for 8 hours per day
Pump at fixed speed
Pump & Hydrovar following system curve

Applications include:

  • Pressure booster systems
  • water works supply
  • irrigation systems
  • boiler feed
  • heat exchangers
  • chillers
  • induction heating
  • air filtration
  • water circulation
  • reverse osmosis systems
  • filter feed
  • production of de-ionized and ultra pure water
  • variable flow and pressure wash systems
  • fluid circulation with variable demand
  • fountains
  • packaged booster systems
  • sewage pumps & mixers (wall mounted)
  • cooling tower systems.
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